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Wasalt- An Overview

Wasalt is the first-ever AI-powered real estate platform in Saudi Arabia that deals in both residential as well as commercial real estate properties. Gone are the days when you had to search for real estate agents near me and run after them to get answers to your basic questions. Wasalt is your one-stop destination where you can get all the answers to your queries like ‘Where should I live?’, etc. Every property listed on our real estate business website is verified by REGA. We have the widest listing of villas for sale/rent, apartments for sale/rent in almost every city town and district of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.             


Wasalt– The Beginning 

Wasalt is a joint venture between two of the leading real estate companies or developers in Saudi Arabia, Dar Al Arkan, and Quara Holding. The two giants of the industry, also recognized as technology startup incubators and innovation hubs, joined hands to create one of the most cutting-edge Saudi Arabia real estate solutions, With over 27 years of experience, we have been revolutionizing the industry with out-of-the-box innovation that is focused to cater the customers in the best possible way. we even specialize in offering real estate brokers.   

With the availability of the website and application, the customers get an easy access to the Saudi Real estate listings in a particular area at their button click. We ensure that every listing is verified as well as there's transparency in pricing. This is a one-stop real estate portal where you can find premium quality as well as low-cost real estate listings.


What Makes Us Different from Other Real Estate Businesses? 

AI platform: Wasalt has partnered with, an exclusive AI platform that effortlessly transforms real estate business into innovative and intelligent solutions. The new age and AI-powered technology predict the prices of the property listing based on the market trend. As well as it also assists in predicting the return on investment on the properties available for sale.

Matchmaker: Our embedded matchmaker presents you with a questionnaire that asks you a series of questions. Based on your answers and requirements submitted, a real estate broker is assigned to you. The estate agent will reach out to you directly. No need to search for real estate brokers near me. Just tell us your requirements and an estate agent will find you.

Masterplan: Along with house hunting for rental properties, Wasalt has made real estate investment easier even for first-time property buyers. Explore our Masterplan feature to discover a wide range of masterplans and view the valuable plots along with their prices. With so much information at your fingertip, investment becomes safer and easier.

Auctions: Wasalt has partnered with the entrustment and liquidation centre (infath). This collaboration enables the user to list their options on the platform and seamlessly carry out auctions for their real estate Saudi Arabia properties. Or else, you can participate in the auction of properties via our property finder Riyadh.


What do we Deal with?    

At Wasalt, all your Saudi real estate needs. Listed below are some of the offerings of our platform:

  • You can search for a residential real estate property or a commercial space available for rental purposes.
  • You can even dive into the residential/commercial real estate available for sale.
  • If you are looking for a place where you can list your property available for sale or rent, we can be your go-to destination. We deal in both commercial and residential sectors.


How to do house-hunting on Wasalt?

The user interface of the website/ real estate business is easy to understand and navigate. Just select if you want to buy or rent the property. Next, define whether you are looking for a commercial or residential property. Type in the location where you are seeking the property in the search bar and hit the search button. That's it! Relevant data will be displayed. You can even sort the search results by applying the filter options. Some of the filtering options available are:

  • Type Of Property
  • Number Of Rooms
  • Budget
  • Price Range And Others


Types of Properties Listed at Wasalt


For Sale 

Houses for Sale: You can find houses for sale in Riyadh, Jeddah or any other location in the country on our platform. The collective information of all the independent houses for sale in Jeddah, Dammam and other locations in a single place ensures a smooth and hassle-free house-hunting experience.

Villas for Sale: Along with independent houses, you can even find a villa for sale in Riyadh or a villa for sale in Jeddah, Khobar, Dammam and other locations. Whether you are seeking a more private & secluded option or you need a real estate option within gated communities, you can find it all on our property finder Riyadh.                           

Plots for Sale: Along with houses and apartments/flats, there is land for sale in Saudi Arabia on our platform. With our online auction feature, you can even participate in the auctioning of the land for sale Jeddah, Riyadh or any other place in the kingdom in the comfort of your own home.

For Rent

Apartments for Rent: Whether you are seeking an apartment for rent in a gated society or a standalone building, you can find it all at Whether you are interested in an apartment for rent in Riyadh or an apartment for rent in Jeddah, we have an assortment of available options in different parts of the country.     

Villas for Rent: You can even find a villa for rent in Khobar, Riyadh, Dammam or any other location, basis your requirements. Just browse the site to find houses available for rental purposes along with their prices and other related information in the various provinces of the kingdom.

Selecting an appropriate Saudi real estate option is easy. Just apply the relevant filters such as location, number of bedrooms, furnished/unfurnished, type of property and others. The results will be displayed as per the selection made.     

Commercial Properties

For Sale 

Shops for Sale: If you are seeking small, medium-sized or large shops, then, we have the widest range of options for you. No matter the location, you will find an appropriate property at our real estate agent solution. For those googling real estate agents near me, we have a better solution. Just fill in our form and we will connect you directly to a Saudi Real estate agent who can cater to all your queries.

Office Space: You can even find office spaces in the corporate buildings at our site. Key in the location of your choice and all the commercial spaces will be listed accordingly. No need to Google the real estate office near me, anymore. Just dive into our inventory and you’ll find your solution.

Plot for Sale: At the same time, those wanting to construct their own office or shop from scratch can even invest in the plot for sale listed on our site.      

For Rent

Rental Shop: You can even rent the shops with a simple button click. Gone are the days when you had to search for real estate brokers near me and then contact the real estate companies yourself. With our high-end solution you just have to specify your requirements concerning shops for rent and the brokers will contact you themselves with appropriate answers. 

Office Space for Rent: Alongside, you can even rent office and commercial spaces. With so many options available at the fingertip, you can find the exact size and location for your business/office.


Why Choose Wasalt?  

Numerous reasons make Wasalt better than any other real estate business. Some of the reasons that make it one of a kind are discussed below:                    

  • It is not just a regular website that showcases real estate listings, but it is a technology-driven real estate business. Powered with AI, we can save you a lot of time that is usually wasted in browsing through unnecessary search results.                   
  • Every listing available on the site is verified by REGA. Thus, authenticity is guaranteed.
  • Along with a technology-driven website, we have a strong team of professional estate agents. Our real estate brokers are highly skilled and can help you navigate through the complexities of the market with the utmost convenience.
  • With a matchmaker feature, you can share your requirements via a set of questionnaires and connect directly with our real estate broker. The estate agent can then lead you directly to the property that specifically caters to your needs and preferences.
  • We not only assist you with your real estate in Saudi Arabia, but we hold your hand until you become a property owner. To this effect, we have loan partners who can offer you home loans at competitive market rates. 
  • With Wasalt, you can even list your Saudi Arabia real estate property for auction or participate in the auction of available properties. For this, we have partnered with infath. Not only is the process of auction easier, but it is also authentic and safe.
  • With our Masterplan feature, you can book your plot online. Booking upload especially in the dynamic market of real estate Saudi Arabia was complicated, but we have made the entire process a matter of a few clicks for you.


Platforms where you can find Wasalt

Desktop application: Our official website is responsive and can be accessed with laptops, mobile phones, or tablets. The AI-generated content is available in multiple languages. So, no matter where you are accessing the real estate business, you can view the content in your native language.

Apple App Store: Wasalt is even available as a mobile application. For iPhone users, we have an iOS app that is available on the Apple App Store. So, click here to download iOS app and make sure that real estate Saudi Arabia is at your fingertip.    

Google Play Store: We even Android application that can be downloaded from the Google Play store. 

Click here to download Android app.

About Us and Contact Info:                   

Address: Saudi Arabia

Contact for Support

Phone No.: 8001233227

Email ID: [email protected]


For a more personalized experience, or inquiries, just add a contact phone and we shall get back to you on the same.

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