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Apartments for Rent in Madinah

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Apartment 118.76 SQM with 4 Bedrooms Mudhainib, Madinah



Apartment 118.76 SQM with 4 Bedrooms

  • 4
  • 118.76
  • 8
Mudhainib, Madinah
Apartment 170 SQM with 3 Bedrooms Warqan, Madinah



Apartment 170 SQM with 3 Bedrooms

  • 3
  • 3
  • 170
Warqan, Madinah

All You Need to Know on Apartments for Rent in Madinah

A deep dive into the holy city Madinah Munawara, discussing the advantages of apartments for rent in Madinah as well as the best places to visit in Madinah.

Why Should You Invest in an Apartment for Rent in Madinah?

Al Madinah Munawara, aka the enlightened city, is one of the holiest places for the Muslim community all over the world, besides Makkah and Al-Quds. There are also several Madinah tourist places to visit, from holy mosques to museums and lovely parks. It's no surprise that people are always looking for properties for rent in Madinah, as living in this peaceful, magnificent city is truly an honour. So, to answer your question, investing in apartments for rent in Madinah guarantees you easy access to all the important mosques and the honour and unearthly experience of living in the same city that welcomed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Another great reason why investing in apartments in Madinah is an ideal option is that it is located within short proximity to Makkah while still being at a safe distance from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, if you want to reside in Makkah directly, you should take a look at apartments for rent in Makkah. Although it's important not to limit yourself to apartments only, you can look at other properties for rent in Madinah, such as rest houses for rent in Madinah or even lands for rent in Madinah.

If all this weren't convincing enough, you would be pleasantly surprised to know that the biggest Quran publishing company in the world, King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex, was established and takes place at the heart of Madinah. With all that being said, we hope you got all the information you need on why finding apartments for rent in Madinah and residing there is basically a winning life. It's basically the dream for most Muslims to spend time there, even for just a few weeks. However, we have to point out that Madinah is strictly for Muslims, but diversity comes from Muslims worldwide from different nationalities can be found there.

Geographic & Historical Facts about Madinah Munawara

Historically speaking, Madinah is Islam's first capital and the second holiest place in Saudi Arabia after Makkah. Moreover, it holds the Prophet's Mosque, which was aesthetically built by the Prophet himself after Hijrah. In regards to its positioning, Madinah Munawara is situated in the west of Saudi  Arabia, precisely in the Hijaz region. This means that it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and hills, perfect for hiking and mountain climbing. The city itself is positioned 620 metres above sea level, which means the weather there is always beautiful, with fertile land and groundwater. Being the lively oasis at the heart of the desert of Saudi Arabia, Madinah is very susceptible to rain, and a lot of lush green scenery induces comfort and relaxation. You can find a variety of delicious crops, from date palms to delicious fruits and vegetables. 

Evidently, the city's calmness and peaceful atmosphere is one of its biggest advocates. As a matter of fact, many people testified to feeling a magical kind of peacefulness and serenity upon entering the city. As a result, Madinah is the #4 most populated city in Saudi Arabia. Not to mention the fact that it is packed to the brim with Islamic landmarks, holy sites and places to visit in Madinah. Additionally, it's worth noting that if you're a family person, then renting an apartment in Madinah is ideal for educating your children more about Islam and raising them in a secure and welcoming environment. What are you waiting for? Browse your own family apartment for rent in Madinah. If you are struggling to find accommodation in the holy cities, you can get an apartment for rent in Riyadh or an apartment for rent in Jeddah. There’s a high-speed train that runs from both Riyadh and Jeddah to Madinah. The journey via the bullet train is comfortable and takes you to the destination in no time. A lot of pilgrims opt to stay in the capital city and travel to the holy destination.

Undoubtedly, Madinah is not the only city in Saudi Arabia with great geography and Islamic history. In fact, the Kingdom is packed with properties for rent in religiously valuable cities like Makkah and Madinah, as well as cities with tourism, entertainment and work opportunities, as you can see in properties for rent in Jeddah, properties for rent in Riyadh and properties for rent in Dammam

So make a wise decision and choose your ideal investment from properties for Rent in Saudi Arabia.

Places to Visit in Madinah

When you're residing in the city, there are infinite things to do in Madinah, picture-worthy Madinah visiting places and holy grounds to cover. You might want to live in a luxurious home during your trip, so we highly recommend checking out villas for rent in Madinah. We will only cover a few of the most popular places to visit in Madinah

  • Al Masjid Al Nabawi: Needless to say, this is the most important and holiest landmark in Madinah Munawara. As a matter of fact, the mosque encompasses other landmarks and places to visit, such as Al Rawdah Al Sharifa (The Noble Garden). This garden is between the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) holy grave and his mimbar, where he gave most of his speeches. This blessed garden is one of the gardens in heaven, as the prophet taught us. Visiting Al Masjid Al Nabawi will cover you with bliss and peacefulness as you stand on the ground where the most influential person in Islam was built and is buried. Nothing in the world could match this experience. On top of that, Al Masjid Al Nabawi used to be the central islamic hub where education, politics and religious meetings took place in the former Islamic Empire. So it's no surprise to find Muslims from all over the globe looking for a flat for rent in Madinah near Masjid Nabawi.
  • Mount Uhud: Another vital hallmark in Islam is Mount Uhud, which is also the highest peak of Madinah, standing at 1,077 metres tall. Climbing this mountain gives you an unmatched view of the beautiful city. The mountain also holds significant historical value, knowing that this was where Muslims fought there in the second battle with the polytheists of Quraysh. It's a standing proof of the resilience and power of Islam. Indeed, visiting Mount Uhud while keeping these facts in mind is an unrivalled experience. It's also worth noting that some of the most delicious cuisines are not too far from Mount Uhud.
  • Masjid Quba: Similar to Masjid Al Nabawi, Masjid Quba is a stunning mosque by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). In fact, it is the very first mosque built in Islam. It has a significant value because it's where the prophet was commanded to change the Qibla, i.e. the direction to which we pray, from Jerusalem to the Holy Kaaba. Not to mention its aesthetic contemporary architecture and picture-worthy interior and exterior designs.