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Terms of Advertising on the Website

The Advertising Terms are the legal document that defines the rights and obligations between you and Wasalt Real Estate Services Company, and should be read along with the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and any other terms and conditions posted on the website.

By entering this page and advertising on the website; as an Advertiser, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the following:

  1. To investigate honesty and integrity.
  2. To avoid anything that causes confusion or mislead the public.
  3. To comply with what is issued by the general guide for the controls of advertising content.
  4. To abide by what is issued by the competent authorities to regulate ethical and media content in all its informational media (traditional and electronic).
  5. To abide by the official names of cities, neighborhoods, streets and types of real estate, it is permissible to add customary names.
  6. The Advertisement must contain the following information:
    • It is stated as an advertisement (this can be mentioned in the description)
    • Purpose of the advertisement is specified (sale, rent, etc.)
    • Type of property is specified
    • The advertiser's name and capacity (owner, authorized)
    • The advertiser's license number is mentioned if he is an office, a real estate marketer, or holds a freelance document
    • Location of the property is mentioned, provided that it contains - at a minimum - the city - the neighborhood - the plot number, if any
    • An effective means of communication with the advertiser is mentioned
    • Real estate data is disclosed as follows:
      • Area of the property
      • Existing disputes thereon, if any
      • Mortgage or restriction that prevents or limits the disposal or use of real estate
      • Rights and obligations over the property that is not stipulated in the property documents (in the event of a written agreement not mentioned in the deed, for example)
      • Property-related utilities
      • Information that may affect the property, whether by decreasing its value or affecting the target’s decision to advertise, such as guarantees and their duration, matching the Saudi building code, the age of the existing property, and so on.
      • If the Advertisement is a real estate auction, it must - in addition to what is issued by the relevant authorities - include the auction license number, place and conditions, the exact date of its holding, its duration, and the deadline - if any - for submitting to the auction.
      • Description of the property, including its type, age, contents, and any effective description such as the width of the street on which it is located, the facade of the property, and others
      • Limits and lengths of the property
      • Price of the property
  7. Any of the following shall be prohibited to be included in the real estate advertisement:
    • Violation of Islamic instructions, regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or prevailing customs
    • Indecent material
    • Violation of intellectual property rights
    • Negative exposure to competitors, private sector establishments, or others
    • Phrases or signs that discriminate against anyone
    • Pictures, data, website, or perspectives that are misleading or not related to the advertised property
    • Logo or name of the Real Estate General Authority or any other government agency without their prior permission
  8. Publishing fake real estate ads for the purpose of collecting data from recipients or the public or any other purpose is prohibited
  9. The website shall be entitled to delete any advertisement without stating the reason for the deletion.
  10. The advertiser declares that he is authorized and/or legally authorized to do the advertisement.
  11. The advertiser agrees to pay the advertising fees to the company (Wasalt Real Estate Services Company), upon executing any sale or rent deals to any client who have reached the advertiser/advertised property by using or visiting the website. The advertiser also agrees that the customer's statement in this regard is final and he is obligated to pay the advertising fees.